musicloverforlifelove whispered: Hey. You should check out the song Carry On by Jennifer Sombrotto. It's on YouTube/iTunes and is written all about The Maze Runner. :]


Check out this adorable video of Kaya being excited for TMR! (from x)

If we’re gonna die, let’s freakin’ do it fighting.

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my favorite part of tmr was when teresa came in the box and everyone thought she was dead and thomas realized that he was finding a dead girl attractive and he literally had to be like wtf is wrong with me she’s dead stop brAIN SHE’S DEAD

Will Poulter joking around during his acceptance speech for Best Kiss at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Teresa got crushed by a ceiling trying to save the ultimate personified turd and I’m still fucking pissed about it

“Wonder why we can do this,’ he called out with his mind. The mental effort of speaking to her was already straining—he felt a headache forming like a bulge in his brain.
'Maybe we were lovers,' Teresa said.

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mtv: Found these kids backstage at the #movieawards!

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