sometimes you don’t look very hard for things you don’t believe w i l l  or  c a n  happen

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We did this to them.





tmr headcanon where in the beginning, the gladers pronounced minho’s name differently every day just to mess with him until it grew old.

@AMHQ Our pals from are here to tell us about wild weather they saw during filming. With us in minutes! +


You asked, and they answered! Check out the cast of The Maze Runner answering your #AskAGlader questions on the first stop of their nationwide tour! Who is allergic to bees and what is Dylan’s favorite song? Watch and learn! 
Submit questions using the #AskAGlader hashtag and maybe the cast will answer YOUR question on their next tour stop!


The Maze Runner Countdown | 21 days to go

↳ The Mighty Gladers

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Always changing. Always dangerous. Never solved.